Great results at CITY CYCLING 2023

Two awards for our team. Continue reading

For the second time, a team of employees from Kuhn Special Steel took part in the nationwide CITY CYCLING campaign in the Oberbergisch district (more information on the campaign).

The offer of a job bike, i.e. the possibility to lease a bicycle or e-bike through the company, continues to be enthusiastically accepted and the topic of climate protection is also very present, not least through our long-term project “Our path to climate neutrality”. And this is also reflected in our team result, as we were able to improve significantly compared to the previous year:

  • Our team consisted of 32 members (in 2022, there were “only” 17).
  • We cycled 9,127 km together in 21 days (2022: 5,381 km).

This year we had again a mixed team of “occasional riders” and sportive ambitious riders. Sören Krystek showed the greatest individual performance in our team and rode 1,024.5 km in the 21-day campaign period.

At the award ceremony in the Bismarck-Zweirad-Museum in Radevormwald, we were able to celebrate two great placements:

  • In the category “most kilometers per team in Radevormwald” we kept our 3rd place from last year.
  • In the category “biggest team in Radevormwald” we reached the 1st place.

A super team performance!


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