Siegfried Augustin celebrates work anniversary

Design engineer in the Kuhn Group for 25 years. Continue reading

Siegfried Augustin started his work as a design engineer for equipment construction at Kuhn Special Steel on March 01, 1998. As a thoroughbred design engineer, he played a leading role in the following years on new production equipment and casting machines, but also on automation systems and mould revisions.

In the first years he was a direct, close employee of our company founder Klaus Kuhn and was able to create some very innovative machines together with him. For example, a centrifugal machine that can be pivoted fully variably at an angle, can be used horizontally as well as vertically, which is still likely to be unique worldwide.

Since the death of Klaus Kuhn in 2003, Siegfried Augustin has been responsible for the design department and has put numerous other machine concepts into effect with his ideas and knowledge. Since the founding of kuhn.innovation, he has brought his accumulated experience as an extremely valuable input to the young company.

Alongside his work as a design engineer, Siegfried Augustin has built up our “BVW” operational improvement system and has significantly shaped and further developed it with his humorous, positively supportive manner.

25 years of the Kuhn Group means 25 years of contact with interesting and sophisticated technology, but also close cooperation with colleagues.

We say “thank you” for the past years and wish Siegfried Augustin all the best, especially good health, for the future.


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