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Our group of companies found its origin in the merger of two long-term oriented family companies. This is one of the reasons why we attach great importance to the needs of people and the development and maintenance of a positive corporate culture in our group of companies. In order to get to know the latest ideas and approaches to New Work and to get new inspiration for our everyday work, some representatives from interns to managing directors of the different companies in our group took part in Blackboat’s New Work Inspiration Day in Hamburg in June. This offered us the opportunity to broaden our horizons and gain valuable inspiration for the design of our working environment.

Inspired by the podcast “On the Way to New Work“, we recognized early on the connections between our coaching philosophy and the principles of “New Work” as defined by Frithjof Bergmann. New Work is about implementing the principles of freedom, personal responsibility, meaning, development and social responsibility in work – as formulated by psychologist Markus Väth in the New Work Charter. At its core, it is about people “finding in work what they really, really want” (Frithjof Bergmann).

The workshop brought together colleagues with the goal of making the world of work more people-centered, productive, and flexible, and of improving collaboration. In particular, the cross-company exchange proved to be extremely enriching and opened our eyes to the diverse approaches and experiences of all the companies in the group. The collaboration and exchange motivated us to continue to participate in shaping our working environment.

One focal point of the workshop was on fostering a positive company culture in which individual strengths and talents are valued and encouraged. We learned how appreciative communication, transparent decision-making processes and an open feedback culture can lead to an even more motivated and committed team of employees.

The workshop was excellently organized and the authentic and rousing moderation by Julia Alt and Henrik Lambertz was able to convince and inspire even initial skeptics. There were numerous impulses that encouraged us to rethink our own ways of working and implement new approaches.
As a group, we will now use the lessons learned to continuously improve our working environment and forms of collaboration and to foster a culture of trust, openness and innovation. We look forward to the future and are excited to see what positive changes and developments we will see in our companies thanks to the New Work Workshop.


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