Nine apprentices start their training at Kuhn Special Steel

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On August 15, 2023, eight apprentices started their first year of training together at Kuhn Special Steel. Another trainee started on 01 September 2023.

The range of targeted professions is wide: two prospective industrial clerks, five apprentices as cutting machine operators, one prospective industrial mechanic and one apprenticeship as a construction mechanic. With this broad range of apprenticeships, we are continuing to try to counteract the shortage of skilled workers, even though the search for suitable apprentices is becoming more difficult every year.

On the first day, the new trainees first got to know each other. And in order to intensify this acquaintance, on the second day they traditionally went to team training together with all the other trainees in the company. After a long time, this finally took place again in the form of a sailing trip in the Netherlands. During the sailing trip, the trainees learned the basics of sailing and strengthened their team skills and cooperation. After arriving in the harbor, everyone familiarized themselves with the ship and enjoyed a home-cooked dinner. The next morning, everyone sailed together to Enkhuizen. If the sea was calm, team-building games were played on deck. On Friday, the trainees mastered the return to the port of departure without help from the skipper and mate and realized how important teamwork is.

In the next few days, the industrial clerks will be distributed among the commercial departments, while the industrial-technical trainees will first learn the basics of their metalworking profession at the company’s own training center.

The application process for the coming training year is already running: after the start of training is before the start of training. The following apprenticeships will be offered for the 2024 training year: industrial clerk, machinist (with high school diploma), construction mechanic, industrial mechanic, warehouse specialist, machine and plant operator and foundry mechanic.

If you would also like to become a part of Kuhn Special Steel and are interested in one of the apprenticeships in our family-owned company with, then find out more at

Photo: Kuhn Special Steel
Back row from left to right: Marcel Wieczorek, Maximilian Bakaev, Sebastian Barsch, Abdul-Samed Yüksekkaya
Middle row from left to right: Derred Gilmore, Marlon Louis Kühne, Jonathan Kuhn, Niclas Lange, Leon Czylok, Erdem Isgören
Front row from left to right: Jenifer Richter, Carolina Fuhrmeister, Bayram Yalcin, Alexander Glassner, René Platte, Selina Dahlmann
Front: Andreas Döbler


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