Energy savings 2023

On our path to climate neutrality, we have once again achieved significant savings in energy consumption. Continue reading

We are proud to have already achieved a very high standard in terms of our energy efficiency by international standards. At the same time, we see the great leverage created by our energy-intensive production as a permanent incentive to continue our consistent development on the path to climate-neutral production.

Last year, we once again succeeded in achieving significant savings in energy consumption at our site in Radevormwald. Compared to the previous year, Kuhn Special Steel used

  • 261,460 kWh less electricity and
  • 1,161,453 kWh less natural gas.

These savings correspond to the annual natural gas consumption of approx. 50 single-family homes* and even the annual consumption of approx. 65 single-family homes** in terms of electricity savings. Further savings were also made on fuel for our forklift trucks.

Some of the savings were in line with a small reduction in our melt tonnage and production hours. Above all, however, we were able to achieve very good results thanks to significantly improved energy efficiency in the melting furnaces and all areas of machining, as well as savings in heating gas.

Our large photovoltaic system fell short of our expectations with a value of 1,124,618 kWh. This was due in particular to months with little sunshine in spring and late summer. Nevertheless, we have already been able to avoid 362 tons of CO2 thanks to this system.

In terms of gas consumption for our permanent mold and heat treatment furnaces, we were unable to achieve the efficiency targets we had set for 2023. This was mainly due to additional operations and the recommissioning of individual furnaces. In the context of the energy crisis, there was an increased focus on external heat treatment capacities in the previous year. Our project team will pay particular attention to these issues in 2024 in order to better exploit existing potential in the future.

In total, we managed to save 416 tons of CO2 in 2023 compared to the previous year. A car could theoretically drive around the globe around 90 times*** until this figure is reached. A great success that motivates our entire team to “hang in”.


* Assuming a natural gas consumption of 23,000kWh/a (e.g.:

** With an assumed electricity consumption of 4,000kWh/a (e.g.:

*** Assuming CO₂ emissions of 116.2g/km and a distance of 40,000km per trip around the world (e.g.:


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