Until the sparks fly

At the “Jugend schweißt” [Youth welding] competition on April 29, 40 young men and three young women competed for the best ratings in theory and practice in four welding procedures. Continue reading

The “Jugend schweißt” competition organised by the district association of Flensburg-Kiel, which is staged every two years, took place at the Flensburg Chamber of Trade and presented a wide field of participants from all over Schleswig-Holstein. With 43 participants, the DVS district association of Flensburg-Kiel registered a record number of participants – the largest number of participants nationwide at district level.

Our trainee Ilvie Boller also faced this strong field of participants and showed off her skills. Trained welders and trainees from different trades competed against each other. Ilvie was able to secure 34th place at the end. Congratulations!
As a prize for her great achievement, there was an automatic welding helmet, which was available to win among many other high-quality non-cash prizes.
“The whole day was very impressive. It was a lot of fun for me and if possible, I will definitely participate again next time,“ reports Ilvie.

More impressions and photos from the competition can be found on the website of DVS e.V.


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