Training ambassadors at Kuhn Special Steel

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Every year an average of 40 apprentices learn in up to 14 different professions at the same time at our company. This represents 13 % of our employees and expresses our fundamental conviction that young people are our future and that we have a social duty to give them a good start in life with a solid education.

This also includes showing students what career opportunities are available to them after school. More and more young people are opting for high school graduation and university studies – a good option, but only one of many. Only a few decide to take up an apprenticeship, which is also due to the fact that this is often underestimated. It is precisely here that the skilled workers who are so important to us for the future are developed.

We are therefore very pleased that this year again three of our apprentices have agreed to act as training ambassadors. In schools and at trade fairs, they will present possible apprenticeships and also introduce us as a potential employer.

To ensure that they are well prepared for this task, they took part in a training course at the Cologne Chamber of Commerce and Industry in autumn for the project “Training Ambassadors in the Oberbergischer Kreis”. There they were prepared for possible questions and trained in presentation techniques and learned to present the relevant information on the various training forms, contents and occupations. The presentations also include information about the company where the apprentices are trained and, above all, personal professional experience.

We wish them every success in their work as training ambassadors and look forward to receiving numerous applications for the 2021 apprenticeships.


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