Welcome to 2023

We look to the new year with confidence. Continue reading

And with the willingness to face up to the challenges that this year may present.

In recent years, we have been surprised time and again. Events referred to as “crises” seem to be happening faster, more often and with greater swings. The climate crisis, the coronavirus pandemic, the electricity cost explosion, the gas crisis, the war in Ukraine, the supply chain disruptions… But the world keeps turning. Fortunately, in Germany we have stable political and social conditions and an infrastructure and level of education that is the envy of the world. We are of the opinion that especially in Germany the opportunities far outweigh the risks.

As an energy-intensive company with two large German production sites, we have been making major contributions to improving efficiency and substituting CO2-intensive energies and materials for years. Anyone who wants to contribute to CO2 reduction comes to us!

We are countering the shortage of skilled workers and the growing qualitative demands of our customers with increasing automation and digitalisation in all areas of production. To this end, we bundled our expertise in our subsidiary “Kuhn Innovation” years ago and are increasingly selling these services to external companies as well.

We are also making long-term and sustainable investments in the expansion of our training and qualification programmes at all locations in order to expand our core competences in the core workforce despite the increasing willingness of the population to change.

In the crises to date, we have therefore been able to increase our market shares in international competition despite enormous cost increases and partial difficulties in delivery. We owe our customers a great debt of gratitude for standing by us in these times and trusting in our quality and performance.

All this gives us, as a value-driven family company with long-term vision, the confidence not only to persist in the face of further challenges, but also to be able to develop further and improve as a result.

With this in mind, we wish you and ourselves a happy, prosperous new year!


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