Children’s eyes light up at Christmas

Our employees’ annual Wishing Star campaign was once again a complete success. Continue reading

In 2021, our commercial trainees initiated a Wish Star campaign for the first time. The shining children’s eyes motivated everyone involved to keep this wonderful campaign alive in subsequent years.

In 2023, in cooperation with the Kinder- und Jugendring Radevormwald (Children’s and Young People’s Association), socially disadvantaged children from Radevormwald were given the opportunity to have their long-cherished wishes fulfilled. These were written down on paper stars and then hung on our company Christmas trees. Interested employees were able to choose a wish they wanted to fulfill.

This year, we received 20 wish stars, all of which were collected and fulfilled by employees after just a few days.  On 20.12.2023, Santa Claus handed over the presents at our training center – the joy was great when Lego, Playmobil airplanes, XXL teddy bears, library vouchers, unicorns and many other gifts found their new owners. With these emotions, everyone involved went into the following holidays feeling exhilarated.


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