Steps on the path to climate neutrality

Significantly reduced heating consumption at the Radevormwald site. Continue reading

Our parts used as core components for a wide variety of industries must meet the highest requirements in the field. The manufacturing processes required for this, such as centrifugal casting, tempering or machining, require a high level of energy input. Although we have already achieved a very high standard in terms of our energy efficiency at our two locations in Germany compared to other countries, the dimensions of our electricity and gas consumption are enormous in absolute figures.

However, these figures show the great leverage that exists for us as a company in the area of sustainability management. We use this leverage to make our contribution to the sustainable reduction of CO2 emissions and currently also to securing the supply of natural gas in Germany. A project team has been working on the pursuit of this goal for several years under the motto “Our path to climate neutrality“. We have already reported on the achievement of various milestones here.

The various efforts to save energy have an effect on different areas. At the end of winter, we are focusing specifically on our heating consumption – and are delighted with some great results.

In the machining department at the Radevormwald site, we managed, through a series of maintenance work on the heating systems and a reduction in the production hall and office temperatures, to achieve an average saving of 29% in 2022 compared to the previous year.

In addition to technical changes and innovative solutions, the “human factor” is also very important. From this point of view, we have to accept that we are constantly learning along the way and that mistakes are possible during this process. Unfortunately, this has become painfully noticeable in the area of our foundry. While we were able to achieve the biggest gas savings in the company in the area of heat treatment by replacing various furnaces and redistributing internal and external treatments, an incorrect setting of the hall heating in our material hall led to a significant increase in consumption.

Nevertheless, at the Radevormwald site, we managed to achieve total natural gas savings of 1,150,878 kWh – this corresponds to the average annual consumption of 50 single-family homes!* A result that makes us proud and motivates us to continue on the chosen path, because we can really make a difference here.

*Source: Reference value according to


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