Sustainability Report 2022

Transparent description of our goals, measures and successes on the way to climate-neutral production in Germany. Continue reading

We are happy to accept the special responsibility we bear as an energy-intensive company in the context of the energy transition. We know that we are on a long road here and that many solutions, such as in the area of hydrogen technology, are not yet fully developed and not yet economically feasible for a long time, but every step forward motivates us.

By setting up our own project team to develop “Our path to climate neutrality“, we have given this topic special priority in our Group. We will publish the goals, measures and also the results of our work achieved to date in annual sustainability reports.
You can download the first edition of our Group’s sustainability report here.
We hope you enjoy reading it and look forward to receiving both positive and constructive feedback.

The report was compiled by kuhn.innovation, which, thanks to its extensive experience in energy-intensive industries such as foundries or heavy mechanical engineering, is able to implement the entire sustainability process chain as a service, from the collection of data at the machine to the evaluation and implementation of optimization measures to the compilation of a resilient sustainability report.

Are you planning to create a sustainability report? Do you need support in generating a suitable database or are you looking for optimization potentials for your production machines? Feel free to contact us at


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