Leveling Up Team Building

At the end of September, M. Jürgensen’s trainee event took place with Esports and a joint dinner – a day to remember! Continue reading

Our apprentices had the choice of the program for this year’s team building event – and made a clear decision in a vote: it should be an excursion into the digital world. So the group ventured into the cosmos of Esports for a day. This excursion thrilled us all and taught us a lot:

Forge strong bonds: Esports is much more than “playing computer games.” Above all, it’s about teamwork and strategy. On this exciting adventure, our apprentices came together, developed strategies and learned to rely on each other’s strengths. The result? Strong bonds that extend beyond the digital gaming arena.

Sharpe problem-solving skills: In esports, every decision counts. Participants practice their problem-solving skills by adapting quickly to challenges and having to make critical decisions in the heat of the game. These skills are invaluable in a dynamic work environment.

Cultivate teamwork: No matter the outcome of the competition, our apprentices stand by each other and share victories and defeats. This cohesiveness carries over into our workplace, where teamwork is the key to success.

Boost confidence: Overcoming game challenges has boosted our apprentices’ self-confidence. Conquering digital battlefields prepares them to tackle real-life challenges with poise as well.

The Esports action was intense, with many thrilling moments and nerve-wracking showdowns. And so our apprentices had more than earned a “hyggelig” dinner. With good food and even better company, there was laughter, stories were exchanged, and new contacts were made.

We are proud of our apprentices for embracing the Esports challenge with enthusiasm and exemplifying the spirit of teamwork and friendship. It was a great day and a great experience for all of us.


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