Doing good for schools together

Thanks to the generous participation in our “Donations instead of gifts initiative 2023”, we were able to support nine schools in their work with a donation at the end of the year. Continue reading

Here, children learn, laugh, try things out, do sports, eat together, argue, discuss and much more. The schools in the region play an active role in shaping the everyday life of our children.

That’s why it’s a matter close to our hearts to support precisely these institutions with our traditional  “Donations instead of gifts” initiative. Every year, the donations from the initiative go to kindergartens and schools. An investment in the future, because children are just that: our future.

This year, we were able to support nine schools through the fundraising campaign. Each institution decides for itself what the money is used for. There are plenty of ideas – whether it’ s the purchase of new books, teaching materials, tablets or whiteboards, financial support for excursions and cultural activities, further training for teachers or the renovation of classrooms.

Each school received a donation of 1,300 euros.

For 20 years (first in 2003) we have been asking our business partners for donations instead of Christmas presents. Last year, 29 companies supported our project, raising an amount of 6,600 euros. As always, we doubled the amount donated and were thus able  to pass on a total of 13,200 euros to nine schools in the region. Traditionally, we have also donated to the Radevormwalder Kinder- und Jugendring e.V. (a Radevormwald-based association of youth organisations), which does such important work.

On behalf of ourselves and the teachers and students, we would like to express our sincere thanks to everyone involved. The financial support of such projects is not a matter of course and we greatly appreciate it.

The following amounts have been donated in the last ten years:
(The campaign had to be suspended in 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic)


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