Merry Christmas

A very turbulent year turned out quite differently than expected. Continue reading

With the coronavirus pandemic still present, we thought we had found a “new normal” when the war of aggression on Ukraine shook our world again in early 2022.

As an energy-intensive company, it was already clear to us at the beginning of the year that we would not be able to compensate for the skyrocketing energy prices on the stock exchanges. We had to ask our clients very quickly to accept new energy surcharges in order to remain able to deliver. This debate only reached the public consciousness in the summer. In addition, due to COVID, continual higher rates of sick leave, machine breakdowns with long delivery times for spare parts and the lack of qualified skilled workers limited our ability to deliver.

We are aware of the problems that the cost and price increases and delivery delays have caused for our clients. Even more we are indebted to all our business partners for their understanding in this extraordinary situation. As a family-run company, we think and plan for the long term and are joining forces to better meet the challenges in the years to come.

We are also grateful that, despite these challenging last few years, we have been able to improve our competitiveness through extensive investments in new machinery and equipment, automation technology and a large PV plant.

Last but not least, we are grateful for the commitment of the dedicated staff in our teams who put their heart and soul into serving our clients every day.

We wish you a peaceful and relaxing festive season amid these turbulent times. Enjoy the time with your family and draw new strength for the challenges ahead, which we will approach with confidence and optimism. We are grateful for the cooperative partnership with you – our business partners and colleagues – and look forward to making the best of the situation in the new year as well as using our technological expertise to develop important solutions and reduce CO2 emissions in Germany.

We would like to thank you cordially for the trust you have placed in us over the past year and wish you and your family a blessed Christmas season, good health, and a prosperous new year!


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