Visit of Vice Chancellor Dr. Robert Habeck at M. Jürgensen

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On 02.05.2024, M. Jürgensen opened its doors to a special guest: Dr. Robert Habeck, Vice Chancellor and Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection, visited the company. An event that is not an everyday occurrence, even for a medium-sized family business like M. Jürgensen.

The visit began with a tour of the company, during which Dr. Robert Habeck was given an insight into the workflows and production processes at M. Jürgensen. From production to warehousing, all facets of the company were highlighted, and the Vice Chancellor was impressed by the company’s efficiency and innovative strength.

The tour of the company was followed by a round of talks in which various topics were on the agenda. In particular, energy costs, high grid fees, reducing bureaucracy and the shortage of skilled workers were discussed in detail. As a native of Schleswig-Holstein and member of the Bundestag for the region, the minister showed great interest in the current issues. The exchange was characterized by a positive atmosphere, and it was clearly noticeable that both the Vice Chancellor and M. Jürgensen’s representatives were interested in constructive solutions. Dr. Robert Habeck was enthusiastic about the solutions that the Sörup-based company has created, for example with regard to the four-day week and would like to see this regulation adopted by the trade unions. Andreas Willim, Managing Director of M. Jürgensen, in turn praised Dr. Robert Habeck’s successful efforts to bring energy prices back to a “tolerable level”. In the lively discussion about serious topics, there was also time for a little small talk and relaxed dialog.

All in all, Vice Chancellor Dr. Robert Habeck’s visit to M. Jürgensen was a success across the board. Both the guests and the company representatives were able to gain valuable insights into the other side’s perspective and engage in constructive discussions. It is to be hoped that such visits will help to strengthen cooperation between politics and the economy and promote positive change.

Many thanks to Dr. Robert Habeck, Benita von Brackel-Schmidt, Niklas Ernst, Uta Bergfeld (Chairwoman of the Green Party parliamentary group) and Sara König (Chairwoman of the Green Party parliamentary group) for the visit.


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