Visit of Stefan Seidler, Member of the Bundestag

We had the honour to welcome Stefan Seidler, Member of the German Bundestag to our company and discuss pressing issues of the medium-sized business sector in Schleswig-Holstein. Continue reading

The medium-sized business sector is at the heart of the German economy and makes a valuable contribution to strengthening the economic structure of the state. M. Jürgensen, as a world’s leading manufacturer of grey cast iron cylinder liners, is an excellent example of this entrepreneurial spirit. We are proud of our innovative strength and our commitment to quality and environmental protection. The demands on our production are high, because our products are of crucial importance in various industries. But getting there is not always easy. Stefan Seidler’s visit provided an opportunity to discuss our concerns and challenges as an employer of a medium-sized, energy-intensive company.

One important topic was the shortage of skilled workers, which poses major challenges for many medium-sized companies. In a competitive market, it is crucial to attract and retain qualified employees. Stefan Seidler showed great understanding for our concerns and asked with interest about internal measures to meet the need for skilled workers. However, what inevitably affects employee recruitment and retention is the deficient infrastructure in Schleswig-Holstein. That’s why we also discussed the need for investment in roads and railways to strengthen the competitiveness of our region.

The highlight of the visit was certainly the company tour, during which Stefan Seidler gained a deep insight into our foundry, production and quality assurance. His sincere interest and targeted questions showed his commitment to the concerns of small and medium-sized businesses and his understanding of our industry for the economy.

Our Managing Director, Ingo de Boer, was pleased to be able to engage in dialogue with a committed politician such as Stefan Seidler and hopes for increased cooperation between politics and business in order to address the challenges facing medium-sized companies.

We would like to thank Stefan Seidler for his visit, which was a great event for all involved and underlines the importance of small and medium-sized businesses in Schleswig-Holstein. It is an encouraging sign that our concerns and challenges are being heard in politics, and we hope for further constructive talks that will strengthen the future of medium-sized businesses in our region.


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