Wishes come true

The wishing star campaign carried out by our employees made children’s eyes light up at Christmas. Continue reading

In cooperation with the Radevormwald Kinder- und Jugendring (Children’s and Young People’s Association), there was a Kuhn Special Steel wishing star campaign for the second time at Christmas. Through this, socially disadvantaged children and young people from Radevormwald had the opportunity to have a long-awaited wish fulfilled: paper stars were distributed at central locations, on which the children could write down their wishes. These wishing stars were then hung on the company’s own Christmas tree. There, interested employees were able to choose a wish that they wanted to fulfill.

The campaign was launched by our commercial trainees in 2021 and has also met with great interest this year. 32 wishing stars reached us and were completely collected by the employees after just three days. Disney bed linen, remote-controlled cars, Lego, cuddly toys, painting sets and many more wishes have been fulfilled. The gifts were ceremoniously handed over by Santa Claus on 22.12.2022 at the Kuhn Special Steel training centre.


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