Integrated energetic quarter concepts – climate protection with brains

“Quarter concept” – what sounds like room allocation on a school trip is actually a finely sophisticated concept of how energy saving and climate protection can work in a community. Continue reading

Not every homeowner and not every company is financially able to make a contribution to climate protection with appropriate renovation or conversion measures and save energy at the same time. This is where the so-called “quarter concept” can step in.

A “quarter” is understood to mean a network of different types of buildings, including the associated infrastructure. These can be private residential buildings, commercial buildings, but also production facilities or filling stations.  For these “quarters”, consulting concepts, so-called “quarter concepts”, are developed with the participation of local energy suppliers, municipalities and energy consulting agencies, which take into account the different needs and energy saving potential of all quarter participants. This is funded by the federal Government, the Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW, German Reconstruction Loan Corporation) and the individual federal states.

Warmth for participation

Under the name “Mitmachwärme” (warmth together), the quarter concept of the municipality of Sörup offers participants the opportunity to get free advice and support in the renovation process. The municipality has set itself the ambitious target of being climate neutral by the year 2030.

For M. Jürgensen, as an energy-intensive company based in Sörup, the quarter concept is just one of many building blocks on the way to climate neutrality.

M. Jürgensen is not only a consumer, but also a producer and supplier at the same time due to the waste heat generated in its production processes. Therefore, concepts are needed to be able to feed waste heat into the public power grid in even larger quantities than before, as well as to modernise and renovate various parts of buildings and plants in terms of energy. In this way, M. Jürgensen is also consistently pursuing its individual path to climate neutrality.

“The quarter concept is helpful for us as it not only looks at the building aspects, but also takes into account the local infrastructure. This gives us additional support to achieve our goal of climate neutrality,” says Michael Jannsen, Head of Facility Management at M. Jürgensen, adding with a glance at the production hall roofs, “the photovoltaic system is already firmly in the planning”.

Further information on the topic of “quarter concepts” can be found at www.mitmachwä


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