Outlook for the year 2024

The solid economic situation in our markets allows us to look to the new year with confidence. Continue reading

With our highly durable, precise components for power generation and mechanical and plant engineering, we are looking to the future with confidence. We see great demand for our products worldwide, not only in the coming year but also in the long term: Manufacturers of large engines such as Wärtsilä, MAN and Caterpillar are using our components to develop solutions for power generation based on hydrogen derivatives, which will be urgently needed in the coming decades. Our customers in decanter construction are constantly opening up new areas of application in environmental technology and our components are successfully used in a wide variety of niches in general mechanical and plant engineering.

In 2024, we will therefore continue to focus on improving our processes and optimizing the framework conditions for good and successful cooperation with our customers.

As a value-based family business, we are experiencing that investments in further training, modern management structures and the promotion of good and productive cooperation are becoming increasingly valuable in the long term. “Modern leadership” and “New Work” are on everyone’s lips these days – we have been dealing with these methods and organizational forms as part of our leadership philosophy for over 20 years, as well as intensively training all of our managers. We will continue along this path in 2024 in order to continuously develop our value-based corporate culture.

We would like to thank our customers and business partners for their trust and for the opportunity to manufacture valuable and meaningful products for them. We look forward to the coming year and hope for a little more stability in the environment and general conditions in Germany.


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