Our energy-savings in figures

Part 3 of our series “Saving energy at Kuhn Special Steel”. Continue reading

Energy-saving helps the environment and reduces operating costs. Kuhn Special Steel has therefore put together an energy-management team to spot potential savings. The members of this team have identified two major areas: one involving people; the other has to do with technology.

We intend to use this three-part series on the subject of energy-saving to show how the team’s work has delivered savings in each category, and how we did it.

The following graphics summarize how high the energy savings are in selected areas.

A controlled flame instead of a constant burner

Measure: Acquisition of controllable ladle burners
Objective: Improved energy efficiency in die casting
Outcome: Energy consumption reduced by 66% per burner

A controlled flame instead of a constant burner
How our ladle burners save energy. Click here to find out more.


LED replacement of fluorescent tubes and incandescent bulbs

Measure: Replacement of all lamps in the production area
Objective: Reduction in electricity costs, employee-friendly lighting, easier maintenance
Outcome: CO2 savings of 380 kg per shift, cost-payback period of approx. 1.3 years

LED replacements for fluorescent tubes and incandescent bulbs
See our blog for details how many lamps we had to replace.


Workflow instead of downtime

Measure: Training sessions to improve workflow in the foundry; daily “good morning” meeting
Objective: Avoidance of downtime, reduction of furnace-related delays
Outcome: Annual energy-savings of 14% over six years (since 2014)
Key figure: stainless steel produced (in kg) relative to energy consumed (in kWh)

Workflow instead of downtime
Read about the steps taken, in the blog post.


Illustrations: lessingtiede


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