Team Kuhn Special Steel’s STADTRADELN debut

Successful debut of our cycling colleagues in the nationwide STADTRADELN campaign. Continue reading

For the first time, a team of employees from Kuhn Special Steel took part in STADTRADELN in the Oberbergisch district. The aim of the nationwide campaign is to cycle as many everyday journeys as possible in a climate-friendly way for 21 days (more information on the campaign).

Within the participating municipalities, different teams are traditionally formed to accumulate kilometres for “their” city in good-natured competition. The idea to enter our own Kuhn Special Steel Stadtradeln team made sense as there is a great deal of enthusiasm for cycling in the company. About 80 employees are currently taking advantage of the job bike offer, i.e. the possibility to lease a bicycle or e-bike through the company. And the topic of climate protection is also well established, not least through the long-term project “Path to Climate Neutrality”.

Our team of 17 employees donned their cycling gear and racked up a total of 5,381 km under the motto “Cycling together – for health and climate protection”. This equates to savings of 829 kg of CO2. A great result that put the team in third place in the team ranking “most kilometres per team in Radevormwald”. The team was made up of an eclectic mix of occasional riders and sporty, ambitious riders – top rider Harry Schack achieved 1,005 km during the campaign period.


Photo: Sören Krystek (left) third place in the team with 788.5 km and leader Harry Schack (right) first place in the team with 1,005 km.


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