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Since 2019, decanter technology has formed its own strategic business unit in our company. This is where we pool our production capacities, competence, and many years of experience in the field of decanter construction in order to process the special requirements for components in this industry with maximum effectiveness and reliability. After a good start, we still have a long way to go to meet the demands of our customers, especially in terms of reliability and lead time of our components at internationally competitive prices.

Since April of this year, the management of this unit has been the responsibility of our new colleague Benjamin Lück.

Benjamin Lück worked for many years as the operations manager of a foundry in Ennepetal, after completing his bachelor’s degree in materials technology, specialising in foundry technology in Duisburg, and his subsequent master’s degree in foundry technology at RWTH Aachen. The additional qualification as a specialist welding engineer complements his experience and is particularly valuable for our production in the decanter sector, where welded components are often called for.

In the management function of our “Strategic Business Unit Decanter Technology”, Benjamin Lück brings together the area of sales and production. He is the direct contact person for our customers and takes care of implementing their requirements. However, he is also responsible for the strategic development and management of decanter production. By this pooling of the overarching responsibility, the feasibility of customer requests, for example with regard to deadlines or structural features, can be clarified quickly and directly.

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