Work anniversaries at Kuhn Special Steel

This year, 25 employees are celebrating at least ten years with the company. Continue reading

Since the company was founded in 1960, we have established ourselves as a reliable partner for the supply of highly resilient and application-specific stainless steel components. In addition to the special manufacturing process, our 350 employees are the most important building block for this performance. Kuhn Special Steel therefore attaches great importance to employee satisfaction and the development of long-term employee relationships.

We proudly celebrate our employees’ work anniversaries every year. They are impressive proof of the sense of team spirit and loyalty within our company. This year, 25 employees are celebrating at least ten years of service at Kuhn Special Steel.

Kuno Krüger, Henryk Kuballa, Arkadius Ploschzyk, Mark Scheidgen and Frank Wegner have been with Kuhn Special Steel for 10 years. Sascha Schmidt, René Steinbach, Jens Tolksdorf and Man-Ling Tung-Piper have been with the company for 15 years, and Klaus Ackermann, Hans-Reinhold Bertleff, Andre Jung, Karina Nitz, Patrick Perez, Harald Reupke, Biagio Russo, Sinisa Simovski, Roland Taschner and Jörn Windgasse for 20 years. Dr. Frank Wischnowski has been with the company for 25 years. Markus Konrad and Thomas Weber are celebrating their 30th work anniversary this year, while Ralf Frowein and Bruno Jantos have already been with the company for 35 years. With 40 years of service, Hans-Peter Schneider is this year’s top jubilarian.

The two Managing Directors Dr. Heiko Brauckhoff and Mark Vierbaum would like to thank all colleagues for their many years of good cooperation and add: “We are very proud that we have so many employees who have been with us for so many years and have therefore made a significant contribution to our success. Their long-standing loyalty and tireless commitment are an important part of our continuous growth and innovative strength.”

Photo: © Kuhn Special Steel
From left to right: Thomas Weber, Biagio Russo (with son), René Steinbach, Man-Ling Tung-Piper, Jörn Windgasse, Bruno Jantos, Hans-Peter Schneider, Markus Konrad, Frank Wegner, Sinisa Simovski, Kuno Krüger, Mark Vierbaum.


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