2019 donation initiative: Doing good for education

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A good school is fun to attend. It also fosters the individual talents of children and young people, while ensuring equality of opportunity. Having proper, modern facilities is a necessary part of all this, and our “Donations instead of gifts” initiative has made a small contribution to ensuring that this is so.

Ten schools and the Children’s and Young People’s Circle of the Town of Radevormwald recently received a corresponding end-of-year donation. We are a company with deep roots in the local region, so the children of Radevormwald and its surrounding area are of particular concern to us. Most of our employees come from here and many went to one of the schools concerned, or even send their own children there.

Almost €1,500 per school

As we do every year, we asked our business partners to make Christmas donations, to local schools in this case, instead of sending gifts. We are very pleased at the many companies that have become involved, as in previous years, in our pre-Christmas initiative, which managed to collect a total of €7,635 for the schools involved. We would like to thank all donors for their generosity in this respect. Several partners have been donating for many years.

As we do every year, we matched the amount collected. Each school was therefore pleased to receive a total of €1,450. The Children’s and Young People’s Circle, a Radevormwald-based association of youth organisations, sports clubs and young persons’ initiatives, which offers holiday activities and other things for children to do, received 600.

Both the Young People’s Circle and the schools concerned were grateful for the donations, and we are pleased to be able to pass on this news. We would just like to say “thank you” once more to all the participating companies. We really appreciate your commitment!

The following donations have been made in recent years:


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